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UO Ducks get a new suit for their BCS party on Jan. 10th, 2011!

Nike has unveiled their latest version of the Oregon Ducks Football uniform. The players will get to wear the new uniform as they play for the BCS National Football Championship. Two 12 - 0 teams will play for the title, Auburn vs University of Oregon. Any comments on the uni's?


TRUE or FALSE? There's nothing you can do about injuries!

  • True or False
  • "There's nothing you can do about injuries"! This is FALSE, however it is said repeatedly in regards to Pro Sports Teams and athletes as if it were TRUE. I have heard more than one trainer respond with the above quote when I offered to demonstrate how quickly my work can heal up soft tissue injuries such as sprained ankles ala Stephen Curry & Rodney Carney. Matt Steinmetz says in his blog that "Curry already has missed three games this season because of his ankle". Not TRUE! He has missed that many games because of the lack of effective treatment. With new owners of the GSWarriors, it is time for some accountability for the numerous injuries and injured players over the past decade. I have offered to show the Warriors trainer my expertise in Rapid Recovery From Injury numerous times in the last decade and he has continued to ignore my offer saying he was too busy to check out what I do. Too busy dealing with injured Warriors I guess! Here is a video from 13 years ago showing how the NFL Vikings utilized work similar to mine. 

    Does anyone care? Is anyone going to find out what might be done in addition to the options the Warrior players currently receive? Joe Lacob, are you listening? Let's hope so fellow Warriors fans!


    Structural Integration is in the press!

    This article shows that Structural Integration is becoming known and acknowledged in the press. I say that Structural Integration is the Future of Healthcare, NOW! Click on the link to read the article.


    Boston Red Sox Head Trainer learns about Structural Integration.

    A few months ago, Mike Reinold, Head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Red Sox invited Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and teacher of Structural Integration to speak to his training staff. It is clear to me from reading Mike's blog post that he learned from Tom how Sturctural Integration can be an asset to any Professional Sports team. Click on this link to read all of what Mike had to share.

    For years I have taught my clients that, Function Creates Structure. How we use our bodies determines how they move or get stuck. I like how Tom says this, "Movement becomes habit, which becomes posture, which becomes structure."

    This picture of Tom releasing Pec Minor is very well done.


    SF Giants - 2010 World Champions!

    What a GREAT season, so many thrills and exciting moments. Torture never felt so good. Kruk and Kuip really outdid themselves. Amazing how Tim got himself right for the months of September and October plus November 1st when he beat Cliff Lee for the 2nd time in the series! This short video captures some of the joy and excitement. I keep replaying it! GO GIANTS. When does next season begin?