This well written article answers many questions about Structural Integration.

Structural Integration has been around for many decades. Many people have benefited greatly from SI. This article written by Marcia Jedd addresses and answers many of the questions you may have about Structural Integration.


Restore and save your hands with the Octopus Undulation

My friend and colleague, Anita Boser created this great hand exercise she calls the Octopus Undulation. Whether you use your hands alot or only a little, this quick and easy exercise will benefit everyone. Try it. You'll like it! Watch this short video (less than 4 minutes) of Anita and she will show you how to do it.


21st Century Technology requires we keep moving & changing position!

Our world has become technologically enhanced with texting, computor games, internet, Google, email, surfing the web and much more. It is more important than ever to be conscious of ones posture and to make a habit of moving/changing our posture often. The following link is to a good article by Dr. Dean Fishman on the dangers and consequences of having what is now being called Forward Head Posture. I especially suggest reading Fast Fact #5 in the article.


What is Structural Integration?

This 4 minute video has many SI Practitioners who recently attended the May 2010 Symposium say in their own words what Structural Integration is. I have been a Structural Integrator for more than 25 years. I say that SI is THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE - NOW!


Saving Lives With Your Voice!

Who is Kylee? Kylee ™ is an Electronic Voice Assistant, a member of the FDIVoice family of speech-driven personal assistants. Kylee answers your phone, screens your calls and routes callers to you wherever you are. Kylee also takes messages when you're not available. Using simple voice commands you can ask Kylee to make calls for you, read e-mails, return calls to the people who left you voice messages and so much more. Join the hands-free crusade by using Kylee. Keep your hands on the wheel, get work done AND help save lives at the same time.