Take good care of your feet!

Make sure you keep your toenails trimmed.

At the first hint of toe pain, check your toenails. You wouldn’t ignore the red “oil light” on your car dashboard, so don’t ignore toenail pain. They are both telling you something needs to happen.

Most of us at the first signs of any kind of pain do nothing about it. We actually will wait, try to not experience it, not feel it. This will have the nail become more ingrown and get worse, possibly even infected. Don’t wait. As soon as you feel any kind of pain around the toenail area, have the piece cut out that is starting to get ingrown while it is still a mild situation. If you don’t, the nail keeps growing and the situation only gets worse and harder to correct.


Becoming pain free may take time. It can happen!

We all want to be pain free quickly. Sometimes it takes time and learning new habits to make a difference. Watch this 3 minute video and see how we all can contribute to making a difference to life on our planet.


Making long distance car trips easy on your body, revisited!

After just returning from a 1000 mile car trip it seems appropriate to repost this.

Driving for long distances or long trips can be hard on your body.

The best thing you can do when driving or riding in a car for a long trip is to stop often and get out of the car so you can stretch and move. Walk around the car, stretch for a minute, move your body. If riding on an Interstate, stop at most rest areas even if you don’t need to use the restroom and move! The few minutes it takes to do this will be amply rewarded by how good you feel when you get to where you are going.



We always hear that you need to stretch for a healthy body. You see athletes stretch, some before, some after they perform and some do both. Whatever you do for stretching, the most important part of stretching is to make sure you breath and RELEASE into any stretch. Take a stretch up to the point where you begin to feel the pull or discomfort of the position. Then take a deep breathe and as you exhale, release into the pull instead of resisting it. You are doing this correctly if you discover you have increased flexibility and a greater range of motion afterwards.





Healing through touch has been around for centuries. In this fast paced 21st century, who has time for hugs? Everyone does! Make it your goal to give a hug, get a hug every day. You may have to ask for this to happen and you will be surprised how willing people will be to oblige. Make it a Heller Hug, taught to me in my Hellerwork Structural Integration training in 1984. Instead of tensing up your shoulders, take a breath and let them go. Actually feel the energy between both of you joining together to become a catalyst for healing. I have heard people say “get 10 hugs a day”.  Well, start with two and increase as you find yourself comfortable with doing this. I am pretty sure you can't get too many Heller Hugs in one day.








    TENSE HUG                                                                              HELLER HUG