Peak performance includes and is made up from flexibility, strength, movement, alignment and balance.

I am committed to increasing an athlete's chances of remaining injury free.




  • Increase flexibility
  • Minimize injuries - Increases an athlete's chances of remaining injury free!
  • Eliminate pain through a non-medicinal approach that works
  • Rapid recovery from injury
  • Peak performance/Balance/Excellence With Ease
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Athletes are taken care of in a unique way
  • Athletes perform at a higher level/Learn faster
  • Athletes become more coachable/Win more games





  • Philip Paskal has extensive training as a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner
  • Trained by Joseph Heller (founder of Hellerwork) in 1985
  • In practice for 33+ years
  • Philip has worked with Healthcare professionals, Triatheletes, 2nd & 5th degree martial arts instructors, marathon runners, Pat Fuscaldo, head coach of Sonoma State University Mens Basketball, Steve Cunningham, head coach of SSU Mens Tennis, professional baseball players and many college & high school athletes. One of my clients, Rick Barry, top 50 Hall of Fame NBA player says "every team should have you working for them!"
  • Philip is a member of and insured by (malpractice insurance) Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
  • Philip has been a Certified Structural IntegratorCM

Hellerwork reliably reduces or eliminates musculoskeletal pain caused by injury, trauma and stress. It is also very effective at releasing rigidity caused by past trauma, as first aid after injury to the musculoskeletal tissues, and for reducing scar tissue or adhesions from injuries and surgeries. It is particularly helpful in balancing the structure of the body. It is most effective in reducing the impact of stress on the total body system and as a preventative maintenance.

People regularly report the following benefits: increased energy, vitality, and fitness; improved athletic performance; deeper awareness of the body and sense of well-being; less rigidity; greater flexibility and ease of movement; and improved posture and body shape.

Athletes perform their best when they are pain free! Do not buy into the saying, "no pain, no gain". It is NOT TRUE!