Olympia Dukakis, Actress, Academy Award Winner - "my knee pain was gone"


My chiropractor referred me to Philip for knee pain. After one session, my knee felt so good that I decided to do the whole 11 session series of Hellerwork Structural Integration. The experience was fabulous and I learned so much about how my body works, how to keep it working and out of pain.   I highly recommend Philip's work. 


Sonya - "the best bodywork I have ever had"  

Click above to hear SonyaI had chronic back pain....and then I met Philip. 

I no longer have chronic pain of any kind. 

Regular sessions keep me in good running  condition. 



Philip's work got me off crutches and out of pain! 



Alfonzo L. - "The sessions can help so much. The impact was amazing!"


Bebe Davis, Hairdresser - "I was in pain...and now I just feel so good!" 



Rocky, Educator - "Now I have less stiffness in my back, less pain!" 



Jeff - Feeling great, but that was not always the case! 



I have been working with Philip for 10 years. I started going to Philip when I was "injured." When Dr.'s wanted to give me orthotics to help my knees, Philip worked with me to correct the originating injury to my ankle, that affected my knees and hips. It was amazing to find out that my aches and pains were compensations for other compensations. And when the originating injury was treated, so went all my other pains. During the time I knew Philip, I lost 75 lbs in Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FoodAddicts.org). Philip noticed that my shoulders were still rounded over and that my basic body posture was of someone still caring 210 lbs. He suggested we do a full series. It is one of the best things I have done for myself since losing the weight - my friends say I am getting more statuesque by the minute. I thank Philip for reawakening my body and giving it a chance to live a new life ... free from the affectations of my past life. I love my life.



Good work Felipe! Thanks for all of the great bodywork over the years. I am still amazed you were able to put arches back in my flat feet! Amazing!!! - Kevin








Philip....you saved my Chrismas Eve party! I was on crutches due to a flair up with my knee, and thought there was no way I could pull off dinner for sixteen at my home. I needed a miracle, I needed to be able to walk. After my appointment with you, I carried my crutches to the car and threw them in the trunk.
And it gets even better!...
Three days after a successful party on Christmas Eve, I went to Yosemite and was able to hike with my friends for hours.
You saved my vacation too!!
Thanks Philip!!!