“The Best Neck Muscles In A Supporting Role”

As I sit here watching the Oscars with friends the Tip of the Week for “The Best Neck Muscles In A Supporting Role” is:

I suggest everyone get up often when watching TV and move. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position can cause your muscles to get stuck together. This can put painful tensional patterns into your body. At the movies, avoid sitting in the bottom rows or too close to the screen. If your head is tilted back for the length of the film you can almost count on a “stiff” neck. “OUCH!”


Making long distance car trips easy on your body!

Driving for long distances or long trips can be hard on your body.

The best thing you can do when driving or riding in a car for a long trip is to stop often and get out of the car so you can stretch and move. Walk around the car, stretch for a minute, move your body. If riding on an Interstate, stop at most rest areas even if you don’t need to use the restroom and move! The few minutes it takes to do this will be amply rewarded by how good you feel when you get to where you are going.




Movement and staying in motion keeps a person from getting stuck in a painful posture or position.

The best thing you can do when working at a computor is to take short movement breaks often. It doesn't need to be a long time. Just breaking the holding pattern from being in the same position while sitting in front of the computor can help you to avoid getting painful stuck muscles!

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