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Why do so many runners get injuries?

Running as an exercise can be very harmful to the human body. The "impact" on our joints, muscles and bones can be severe. The following video points out some very clear aspects of a runners gait that can be changed or corrected to align your body while running. Changing the rhythm, postural alignment and how your foot contacts the ground can make a huge difference. Everyone can learn something from watching.

Learning the Skill of Barefoot Running from Terra Plana on Vimeo.


Orange Friday the 13th turns bad for the SF Giants.

The SF Giants lost tonight 2 to 3 to the San Diego Padres and it was not because of bad luck. It was a function of a few bad plays. Failing to get down a sacrifice bunt and then having a runner picked off the bases in the 2nd inning shut down what looked to be a possible run scoring inning. Then the go ahead and winning run scored when a throw to the plate was offline. The catcher was pulled away just enough to allow a very nice slide into home plate to avoid the tag. So this game was won (by SD Padres) and lost (by SF Giants) by doing the "little things" well by San Diego and San Francisco "failing to execute" in a few crucial moments. This is the first loss of the season on Orange Friday (9 - 1).


SF Giants press their luck with Orange Friday the 13th!

So far this season, the SF Giants are undefeated. Tonight they are wearing their orange uniforms at home once again. This might be the first Friday the 13th this season that they are playing at home and are wearing their orange uniforms. Is this testing their fate/luck? Well so far it is 2 to 0 after the first inning, and the Giants are ahead. GO GIANTS!


If a dog can learn to walk (on 2 legs), so can you!

When I first did the Hellerwork Structural Integration 11 session series in 1984 I discovered my gait, the way that I walked, was very rigid and inflexible. I used to thump along and you could hear me coming. I always wondered why the outside bottom corner of my shoes wore out so quickly. When my practitioner told me she was going to teach me a "new" way of walking I thought it would be easy to learn. It wasn't! I now walk using my core muscles known as the psoas. My body movement while walking now feels fluid and free. Everyone has the capacity to learn core movement although it will take some time and practice.

If Faith, the 2 legged dog in this video, can learn to walk like a human, then you can learn to walk with core movement. Watch this and be amazed, moved and inspired.


To swing like Tiger Woods you need a flexible spine and body.

In this video the person talks about Tiger's spine moving and the angle of his spine at different points of his swing. What he doesn't mention is how important it is to have the flexibility to move as Tiger does.