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Core Strengthening - is it right for everyone?

Core strengthening has become very popular. Unfortunately, it may be causing greater imbalance in the overall tension and tensegrity of a persons body. The idea is not a bad one as long as the core is integrated with the rest of the tensional structures that make up a body. Stretching and releasing the core (flexibility) is even more important when strengthening the core is undertaken.

The following blog post by Walt Fritz, PT on the massage and bodywork professionals website makes some interesting points to support his issue with core strengthening. It is short and worth reading.


Hey NBA, can you spell Structural Integration?

I tuned in tonight to watch my favorite NBA team and player, Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors. To my surprise, Steph wasn't playing due to a "tweaked ankle". I have utilized Structural Integration for over 25 years to assist athletes in recovering rapidly from sprained ankles. Every NBA team should have an experienced Certified Structural Integration Practitioner like myself to work on their players. This would also minimize injuries as well as help prevent them. The Warriors have 5 of their 15 players out of action with injury! YIKES!!

Dwayne Wade has been out of action since October 5th with a strained hamstring. Are you kidding me? More than 2 weeks? I have gotten players with strained hamstrings back in the game after a 30 minute treatment of Structural Integration bodywork!

Hey NBA, can you spell Structural Integration?

Here is a link to an article about my work healing injured athletes rapidly:


"How do I get out of pain?"

First you need to get present to pain in order to be relieved of it. Most of us react & relate to pain by NOT feeling it, hiding, masking, ignoring it. When we compensate in these ways we only put off dealing with pain and often make the situation worse the longer we put off dealing with the source of the pain. My 25 years of soft tissue expertise & working on 1000's of people/bodies has helped me develop the skills to assist people in getting out of pain rapidly by releasing the source of the pain.


Scott Sonnon, founder of the discipline of joint mobility

There is so much of what Scott shares in his 10 principles that I really like and agree with. Take 10 minutes to learn from him. Here is his video:


Hellerwork Structural Integration & Top Speed Sports in the press!

A big thank you to John Jackson, the sports editor of the Petaluma Argus Courier, for his interview and article about Top Speed Sports and how I heal injured athletes rapidly through the use of Hellerwork Structural Integration. I am proud to have some press coverage. Here is the link to the article: