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Valentine's Day is almost here!

This day can make or break your love life. Whether you are romantic or not, make sure you demonstrate some level of being romantic on this special day of the year. I have created a special offer to express my appreciation of the many fans who have "liked" Top Speed Sports on Facebook. Like the page to be able to receive this special offer.


Structural Integration, it's all about fascia!

I found this interesting link on Facebook. It took me to a post by Jeff Cubos on his website and highlights some interesting parts of the 2nd International Fascia Research Congress. To gain some insight into how a human body works, read this blog post by Dr. Thomas Lam of Fits Toronto.


Structural Integration - used by professional and Olympic athletes & other celebrities

Jennifer Grey, Rick Barry and Olympia Dukakis have all kindly given a testimonial for Hellerwork Structural Integration. This link will take you to a larger list of athletes and celebrities who also have received Rolfing Structural Integration. The time has come for Structural Integration to become widely known, acknowledged and appreciated for the incredible difference it makes in peoples lives. Have you experienced some modality of Structural Integration? We are in a new year, new decade, new century. It is time for everyone to have the benefits that Structural Integration makes possible in their bodies and lives. Click here if you are curious:


Jennifer Grey, Actress & Dancing with the Stars winner acknowledges Hellerwork Structural Integration!

I must thank my colleague and friend, Dan Bienenfeld, Hellerwork SI practitioner and trainer and his client, the beautiful Jennifer Grey for generously sharing her testimonial of the difference Hellerwork SI has made in her ability to heal herself and her body from many traumas over the years.

"Hellerwork Structural Integration has given me a greater level of awareness, balance and alignment.  My body has incurred numerous traumas over the years, and my lifestyle choice is to be active and fully engaged, so it is important for me to heal myself.  Hellerwork SI has helped me do this.  I can recommend this work for anyone who is wanting greater connection, self-discovery, and physical performance."

Jennifer Grey, Actress and Dancing with the Stars winner

Jennifer dances with such joy, fluidity and grace in this performance. I can see why she won!


Running barefoot is good for your body and feet!

My colleague, Dr. Jim Dohn, who was my running buddy during my Hellerwork training in 1984 @Westerbeke Ranch shows off his new shoes and explains how running barefoot is good for our body and feet. It has been my perspective for years that arch supports may not be helping a person's feet and body alignment since they are an external compensation. It is interesting to hear Jim speak about arch supports being detrimental to the arches in our feet. Thank you Dr. Jim for sharing your knowledge with us. Click on the link to hear Jim share!