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Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful injury. I know because I suffered with it myself for many months. This led me to find out how to heal myself, as all the ways I was being told to try didn't work. Watch this short video:



World Champion Golden State Warriors are back in action!

Two nights ago Stephen Curry scored 40 points to lead the Warriors on their first win of this new NBA season. Many fans will be following them as they embark on winning their second championship in a row. The owners, front office, coaches and players all received their championship rings before their first game on Tuesday.

Rick Barry was also in attendance representing the 1974-1975 championship team. This is an interesting article on Rick's advice to the players about wearing their rings. Click here

Hear what Rick Barry says about Philip Paskal of Top Speed Sports.



The Best Part of The Parade was the smiles on the boys faces!!

The best part of the parade to honor the little league team from Petaluma was seeing the boys waving to the crowd of thousands of cheering fans and supporters. The boys sat up on the back of Classic Car convertibles so the crowd could see them easily. Each car had 1 player, his name and number on the side of the car and their parents seated in the car also. I am sure the day will live long in everyones memory that was able to attend.


Petaluma National Little League - Honored In Parade Yesterday

The day started with Adrienne and myself purchasing T-shirts to commemorate the teams' exciting run to the US Final Game and then winning the consolation game the next day against Panama. These boys and coaches made everyone proud to be living in Petaluma, CA, coming in 2nd in the whole US and 3rd in the world!


Saving Children's Lives - You Can Make A Difference!

In the end of October, 2011, my wife Adrienne and I went to our first NuSkin Global Convention. There were many inspiring moments. However, hearing King Kalonga Gawa Undi, Chief of the Chewa Tribe speak and acknowledge my company, the Nourish The Children Initiative, the many distributors and people who have saved the lives of the children of Malawi, Africa, moved Adrienne and myself to tears.

Here is a picture of the King as he spoke from the podium in front of 14,000 distributors from all over the globe. He can best be seen on the jumbo screen in this picture:

The Nourish the Children initiative is Nu Skin’s solution to provide a consistent and growing supply of nourishing food to the world’s most needy children. This simple concept succeeds by selling a highly nutritious food—VitaMeal®—and then helping people donate their purchases to third-party nonprofit organizations that specialize in distributing food to those suffering from malnutrition and famine.

Since their inception, Nourish The Children has fed over 228,000,000 children in third world countries and the number is growing every second. With Nourish The Children, what your money will buy is nutritious Vitameal. How your donated Vitameal will be used is to nourish children in need. Your donations will be leveraged through education and disease prevention programs. And you will be making a difference, with nearly 100,000 children being nourished every day in countries around the world.


For more information, follow this link:

If you prefer watching videos on Nourish The Children, follow this link:

Adrienne and I have a goal to raise donations of 50 bags of Vitameal by November 30, 2011. We are donating ourselves one bag each month ongoingly. Please join us - You Make A Difference!

Please contact Philip Paskal at (707) 477-0408 to nourish a child for one month - $22 feeds one child for one month. Blessings and Happy Holidays to all.