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Congrats to Mia Greco - St. Mary's is getting a winner!

I have seen Mia Greco play basketball for a decade. When there was no girls CYO team, Mia just played with a boys CYO team. In addition, she was one of the top players on those boys CYO teams. Mia brought many exciting performances to the Petaluma High School Varsity Basketball team and for the past 2 years with the SRJC Girls Basketball team too.

I was so pleased to read the article in this mornings Press Democrat highlighting Mia and her transfer to St. Marys College where she will now bring her basketball and leadership abilities to D1 College Womens Basketball. Congratulations to Mia Greco! Here is the link to the article.


Special Offer for this month of June for all Fathers!

Being a Father of three teenagers, I have learned to have much patience and compassion for what it takes to be a parent. To acknowledge all Fathers, I am offering a half price session of Hellerwork Structural Integration Bodywork to all Fathers for the month of June.

Gift certificates are now available and make a great Father's Day gift. Call me to schedule your favorite Dad's session or to arrange purchasing a gift certificate for this special 1/2 price offer. (707) 477-0408.


March Madness goes crazy!

I was fortunate to be able to watch the 2 games on Sunday. What drama, what basketball, what upsets!!

This is the first time the Men's Final Four will have no #1 OR #2 seeds vying for the Championship! And VCU is off the charts, winning most of their games by double digits. I can't help rooting for them. I would like to see a VCU vs Kentucky Championship game!


Technology is expanding faster than we can keep up with it!

Although Sony showed this 5 minute video in 2009, it is worth watching today. I imagine the updated facts and comparisons for 2010 & 2011 are much more surprising than 2009.


March Madness, who will win?

 Often times the difference between winning & losing comes down to which team can stay healthy and injury free. An injury to a key player has too often doomed a team to defeat. In a tournament such as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament where one loss and the team goes home, a simple muscle strain or pull can spell disaster!

Top Speed Sports specializes in Rapid Injury Recovery and Pain Relief and has helped many players and teams by aiding key players in overcoming injuries very quickly so they can get back in the game.