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Flexibility is a key part of Health & Well Being.

Watch this young woman move and be amazed at what is possible for a persons flexibility.


Baby dance - remember when you could move like this?

Many of us used to move easily, unimpaired by pain, tight muscles or fear of how we looked to others. Enjoy this baby's movement and get up and dance!


Company turns to Structural Integration to relieve pain.

Top Speed Sports, using Hellerwork Structural Integration, has successfully treated many athletes with repetitive stress injuries, including tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, & plantar fasciitis.


This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Take 5 minutes to watch this. It will make you happy and put a smile on your face.


“The Best Neck Muscles In A Supporting Role”

As I sit here watching the Oscars with friends the Tip of the Week for “The Best Neck Muscles In A Supporting Role” is:

I suggest everyone get up often when watching TV and move. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position can cause your muscles to get stuck together. This can put painful tensional patterns into your body. At the movies, avoid sitting in the bottom rows or too close to the screen. If your head is tilted back for the length of the film you can almost count on a “stiff” neck. “OUCH!”